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If you are a CVEC member and experiencing an electric outage, please report it online if you have access to a computer ( or call 1-800-367-2832. If you call CVEC, please use the automated system, so that your outage information will be combined with that of the others, allowing CVEC to identify the likely fault locations and get repair crews to where they will do the most good. Members can view outage information at and receive updates at

During severe storms when significant outages are likely to occur, there will be times when are dispatchers are focused on directing repair crews in the field and unable to answer member outage calls personally. When that occurs, we will have people in place to answer your call and enter your outage information. It is also unlikely that anyone will be able to estimate your power restoration time, until repair crews get into to the field, patrol the lines and begin repair work. Often there may be more than one fault location between the substation and your home that must be addressed.

CVEC will be alerting the media about the overall outage status and posting information on CVEC websites.

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